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LEARN-A-TEST Access Free!

Posted by lowndeslib on July 21, 2010

We are proud to offer you LEARN-A-TEST for taking practice tests and accesing study courses!

If you would like to use this feature you can simply goto our Reference section on the Website and click on “Testing Resources” and then click on the “Learn A Test” link provided (or you can click on the direct link below and see what they have to offer).

To access the Tests you must register for the site, but thanks to the Mississippi Library Commission, sign up is free.

YOU WILL NEED A SPECIAL CODE FROM US TO REGISTER, but it only takes a few seconds to complete the registration.

Sign up TODAY, and take advantage of all the practice tests you can handle, including:  GED, Computer Skills (including; Wordperfect, Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint),  U.S. Citizenship, Various Job Skills Tests (including; Air Traffic Controller, Civil Service, Firefighter, and more).  The list does not stop there.  This excellent site also provides a variety of tests for ALL GRADE LEVELS OF SCHOOLING, perfect for Home Schoolers and College Applicants.

Call us and ask about this service today!


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